How Free CPE Works

All courses are free with AccountingCred. This is a no obligation, no purchase necessary offer. Once you join your account will be created, and you can start registering for courses. We hope that you find our courses compelling, educational and not full of infomercials!

Below please find more detailed information about course attendance and credits.

How do I get my CPE credits?

  • To earn your credit, you are required to respond to attendance checks on-screen at intervals throughout the webinar. You must respond to at least 75% of the attendance checks to earn full credit. A link to your CPE certificate will be forwarded to you by email, once your attendance is verified. You will then need to login to your profile to view the certificate. If you do not meet this minimum percentage, your CPE credit will be reduced. You may receive half credit (50% to 74%), or zero credit (less than 50%). All CPE credit is NASBA approved.
  • Reminder! Your certification will be tied to your account information.  It is IMPORTANT that your account information is accurate in order to use your certificate for CPE credit.

Do I have to take a test?

  • This webinar is a live presentation, so no CPE exam is required. However, individual viewers must respond to polling questions throughout the course. Please refer to your email instructions from AccountingCred for complete details.

Is it really free?

  • Yes! The courses are free of charge to all attendees.

Why just 5 courses for free?

  • Attendees are limited to 5 courses with CPE credit annually however, participants can attend as many webinars as they would like without receiving CPE credit. All courses can be attended with or without CPE credit.
  • We feel that limiting courses for free will better uphold the integrity of CPE as to increase the likelihood that attendees select topics and courses of interest as opposed to just getting all their CPE for free.
  • We will also occasionally provide on demand versions of live broadcasts for free but the on demand versions will not be able to be used for CPE credit.

Will there be more courses?

  • Our content calendar is growing every month. We currently have content for June open for registration. Please check back often for updates.
  • We take course selection very seriously and want to make sure each course is of high educational quality.