Cryptocurrency Taxation (CRAX)

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Andrew Perin

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Cryptocurrency Taxation (CRAX)

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The 2018 cryptocurrency market was a rough one. In less than a year, the crypto market capitalization went from nearly $1 trillion to $200 billion in a matter of months. With that, many assumed that the prospects for the space also went down. Nothing can be further from the truth. Prices only tell part of the story; activity has never been higher. For accountants who understand crypto and crypto taxes, business has never been better. Many clients are interested in filing this year so they can use the crypto losses to offset other income. Additionally, the IRS has staffed up its crypto team and expects crypto investors to submit reports. As an accountant, it is your fiduciary duty to understand how crypto taxes work.

Major Topics

  • The IRS’s guidance on crypto
  • New IRS commissioner, Charles Rettig, and his view on crypto
  • Crypto tax basics
  • How crypto volatility affects tax liability
  • Long-term versus short-term capital gains on crypto
  • Forms needed to file crypto taxes
  • Difficulty in extracting crypto data
  • Crypto edge cases
    • Exchange hacks
    • ICOs
    • Hard forks
  • Common crypto tax misconceptions

Learning Objectives

  • File crypto taxes
  • Understand the edge cases and how they can affect tax liability
  • Understand IRS guidance around crypto

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CPAs who want to be informed about this fast-paced industry and differentiate their practices by supporting crypto clients


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Discussion Leader
Andrew Perin

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