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Berkeley, CA 94705.
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Exergy Energy

Exergy is a specialty energy supplier dedicated to serving the needs of “Always On” facilities. Our customers are operations where energy is mission critical and the facility cannot go down, even if the grid fails due to weather events or terrorism.
Exergy replaces your current utility and supplies all your power. The transition is seamless and your operation runs exactly as it always has except now it is renewable, resilient and less expensive. You don’t need to do or change anything. Your operation remains connected to the grid at all times. Exergy has extensive experience in renewable generation, having built over 425 MW of renewable generation and investing more than half a billion dollars has permitted the company to deeply understand the grid and power markets in order to provide our Always On customers with 5 values they connect obtain anywhere else:
  • Exergy provides 100% renewable energy
  • Exergy provides on-site standby and backup power.
  • Exergy reduces your energy spend, saving you money.
  • Exergy provides long term price certainty.No customer investment at all. Customer simply agrees to purchase all their power from Exergy.
Many organizations face three difficult challenges.
  1. How to protect my operations from increasing power outages caused by severe weather and other grid disruptions?
  2. How do I become more sustainable and reduce my carbon footprint?
  3. How do I reduce my energy costs and protect my bottom line from increasing utility bills?
Exergy is the solution to these challenges.