Founded in 2008, SmartVault is striving to give people a better life at work. So in your business, you can spend less time and money filing, retrieving, copying and sharing files and more time growing your businesses and making money.

SmartVault started with a vision of turning traditional online document storage on its ear. Eric, our fearless leader, looked at what was available to the small-to-medium sized businesses, and saw a pretty saturated market of DMX applications − the last thing he wanted to do was enter the space with yet another clunky enterprise workflow system. Instead, Eric discovered a missing piece of the puzzle when it came to the document management and file sharing apps that were currently on the market –integration.

Eric knew that small businesses were already getting bogged down by the dozens of apps that they need to run their business – accounting software, CRM systems, workflow tools, etc. Instead of building another stand-alone DMX tool that would just create more document silos, Eric’s vision was to document management-enable the apps and devices that small businesses are already using − providing a central online document storage system for all business-related documents that was accessible right from popular business productivity applications. Now we had the what… cloud technology became the how. After assembling a team of developers that had deep DNA in Internet security, SmartVault was born.